(Українська) Свіжа Їжа - сервіс доставки продуктів з покроковими рецептами в Києві

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Choose dishes

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Pay and wait for your order to be delivered

Pay and wait for your order to be delivered

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Enjoy cooking

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Puzzle no more over planning lunch and dinner

Puzzle no more over planning lunch and dinner

Choose a dish to your taste, and we will bring all the necessary grocery to cook it along with a detailed recipe and step-by-step instruction

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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

You go to the site and choose dishes – for 2, 3 or 4 people for 1-3 days.
Place an order indicating the convenient time of delivery to your home.
You get a box with fresh groceries (hand delivery) for the selected menu in exact quantities and in individual packaging, as well as step-by-step cooking instructions.
Every month, our menu is updated by 30%, so it is unlikely that you will have time to “get tired” of something …. But you may fall for favorite dishes!

Why do I need it?

Every day we ask ourselves the question: “What should I cook for dinner today?”

Day after day, invent new dishes for your loved ones, trying not to repeat them, find time to look for the right fresh food in stores, spend as little time as possible on the cooking process and get healthy food and appreciation by the loved ones as a result – this task can turn into a real puzzle …

We offer you a solution – a large selection of recipes for delicious dishes for every day and for every taste, quick and easy, from the simple ingredients that we will deliver to your home in the exact quantity and combination necessary for these dishes.

And it will not be a mandane potatoes with a cutlet! You will get the opportunity to dine with unusual gourmet dishes and will be delighted with your ability to cook them! It is simple and incredibly tasty!

No need to waste time inventing a menu.
No need to spend time shopping in supermarkets and street markets.
Fresh and delicious dinner every day.
The time at the stove is from 15 to 30 minutes.
Admiration and gratitude from your loved ones is guaranteed.

And for this, just go to the site and click a few buttons.

What will I get in the end?

On the day that you have chosen for delivery, at the time you indicated, a box will be delivered to you in which you will find:

  • High-quality fresh ingredients in a exact quantity, according to the recipe, packaged in portions
  • Convenient sets for each dish that easily fit in the refrigerator
  • Very quick and easy to implement recipes with clear step-by-step cooking instructions
  • A fun culinary practice that will make you feel unstoppable and almighty
When will the order be delivered?

Delivery is done twice a week: on Wednesday and Saturday.
To receive your order on Wednesday, you must order before 14.00 Tuesday.
To receive your order on Saturday, you must order before 14.00 Friday.

When placing an order, you will have the opportunity to choose delivery timeframe convenient for you. The box is delivered to the your door, you only need to be at home and accept it from the hands of the courier (you do not need to pay anything extra upon receipt).

Please note: on the website next each dish the delivery amount indicated is 70/150 UAH, however you do not pay for the delivery of each dish separately, but for the entire order, no matter how many boxes there are.

What is a subscription and how can it be issued?

Should you conclude that our service is convenient and you enjoy family dinners, we then have a special offer for you: a Subscription. With it, you can further reduce the time for selecting and ordering. Also, save on cost. You can make the menu yourself from any packages for 4 weeks at a time or entrust the selection of the menu to us, and we will deliver boxes to you every week for a month at any time convenient for you.

Subscription cost is 10% lower than regular prices. And you don’t have to waste time choosing dishes and ordering them for the whole month!

Service  «Svizha Їzha» {sv-ee-zha yee-zha} (Fresh Food) is a convenient system of ordering food for cooking at home. We will bring you the cooking sets to your home in convenient packaging for storage in the refrigerator, and you can cook a family lunch or dinner in just half-an-hour, taking the bag out of the refrigerator. Caring about you, we have prepared quick and tasty ready-made solutions for a healthy diet. Our menu is divided in such a way that you can easily find the food system that’s right for you – dishes that children eat easily, low-calorie and carbohydrate-free dinners, unusual desserts.

You will be surprised how easy it is to cook a family dinner or a romantic dinner with our recipes, or arrange a meeting of friends and surprise guests. Also, our service of delivering sets of foods will help you organize any family holidays at home – from reconciliation of spouses to children’s birthdays!

«Svizha Їzha» is a food DYI, an edible Lego:

  • ready-made sets of groceries and all the necessary ingredients for quick cooking of selected dishes – there is no need to buy anything else;
  • the quantities have been carefully measured and packaged for the number of people you want to feed – no need to throw away the remains of spoiled ingredients;
  • step-by-step instructions with a photo and detailed description of activities;
  • you can cook delicious food at home as if from a restaurant and at the same time master the skills of a real chef;
  • convenient delivery of food sets with recipes for a week to the door to your address and at your chosen time.

Such a service has long been popular in Europe and Noth America, and has established itself as the simplest, most economical and environmentally friendly for proper nutrition at home. And most importantly – it saves time that you otherwise spend on shopping, thinking about the diet and long processes in the kitchen. Cooking time for any dish from the menu does not exceed 30 minutes.

If you don’t like to cook, if you don’t have time to organize this multi-level process, if you are annoyed by shopping at supermarkets, but you would like to gather at the family table, this is the service especially for you! “Svizha Їzha” food delivery service will do everything to ensure that you have everything you need for quick and fresh dinners at home.

Our reputation and your recommendations are the greatest value for us. We value the health of our customers and guarantee the freshness of all the products we deliver.